KEES, The Global K-Culture Platform

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About KEES

KEES is a K-Culture Hub platform gathering all the Hallyu enthusiasts all over the world
and providing a medium for both Korean and overseas users to enjoy both the cultural and economic exchange.

KEES is a unique business model that evolves into location-based and SNS, and we want to
provide users and creators with new experiences and opportunities in this huge market.

KEES 플랫폼을 통해 세계인들이 한국인들을 만나고 한류 컨텐츠와 문화를 함께 즐기면서 한글도 배우며 한국의 뉴스와 정보를 듣고 한국의 상품을 구매하는 K-Metaverse, 'K-World'를 만들어 갑니다.

The goal is to grow into a platform where users from all over the world who are interested in
Korea and K culture can gather at KEES to communicate and exchange information through shortforms and SNS.

KEES Features

3C-Integrated Platform with the Theme of Korea

  • K-contents

    [ K-Video Content Hub ] Through curation and KEES-Original videos, we create a K-Video Content Hub including K-POP, K-Drama, K-Movie, K-Beauty, K-News, K-History, and K-Documentary.

  • K-Commerce

    [ Linking K-Content with K2G-Connected to introduce and selling various K-products ] Users from all parts of the world can communicate with Koreans online, experiencing Korean culture, teaching and learning Korean at the same time. By integrating K-Contents and K2G-Connected, we provide a brand new market for overseas exports.

  • K2G-Connected

    [ Connection between Koreans and global users ] KEES connects Koreans and people around the world through media like text, voice, and video communication. Through the platform, Korean users and global users can communicate in various ways. We call it K2G-Connected. (K2G : Korea To Global)

At last, K-Metaverse : K-World

[ K-World: A virtual K-World where you can explore freely
between the reality and virtual world about the Korean popular culture,
interact with avatars, and buying or selling K-products using kees tokens in a VR space ]

The K-3C integrated platform is virtualized into a metaverse
where you can meet different avatars of other users in various metaverse spaces.
‘K-World’ is a metaverse, a virtual space where anyone can communicate
with global users and engage in different K-themed economic activities.

KEES Platform Technologies

  • Multi VoIP/Video Communication Solution

    Text, Voice, Video sharing, document sharing (White board), Korean language education, live broadcasting

  • Graph DB, State Of The Art DB Tech

    Network-oriented database system between users Using Graph DB and AI for search algorithm, personalized product sorting and advertising

  • K-Video Contents Search Engine

    Using API and AI of global video sharing platform for video search engine

  • Auto Recovery Lean Backend

    Stable and accurate transaction processing and strong security within the platform

  • Personal Asset Protection Focused Blockchain

    Advanced technology for Personal Virtual Asset Protection and Transaction Speed

  • Terraformed Metaverse Tech

    Terraformed virtual space for communication and product purchase through online stores between multicultural users

Structure of kees Token

kees tokens can be mined through incentives and PoC(Proof of Contribution) of various contribution
by the participants such as Korean education, paid K- content and product recommendation.
Users can directly participate in the token economy through content production
nd V-commerce rather than just one-sided consumer participation.


KEES 앱 실행화면 이미지
THE KEES, a global ecosystem
based on the Korean popular culture

The K-World created by the Koreans and the global users.
A place where you can experience Korean pop culture ranged
from communication, K-content to K-products. THE KEES!

“Korea in a world. A Blockchain and Metaverse-based K-World
where you can truly experience the Korea”

kees Token Distribution

Total Supply 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)
token disrtibution
  • Content Supply

  • Reward Pool

  • Platform Activation

  • Reserve

  • Advisor

  • Team

Sort Token Supply Rate
Content Supply 3,000,000,000 30%
Reward Pool 1,500,000,000 15%
Platform Activation 1,500,000,000 15%
Reserve 2,000,000,000 20%
Advisor 500,000,000 5%
Team 1,500,000,000 15%


Development Team

  • Kim Taejun


  • Kim Hyeongdon

    PR, IR director

  • Lee Jongkwon


  • Lee Jaebum

    UI/UX Designer

  • Kang Yeongu


  • Kim Hoseong


  • Choi Minho


  • Ha Hyeonsu


  • Choi Byeongmin


  • Kim Jisu



  • Financial Services Commission
  • Ministry of Sciendce and ICT
  • Crosslesson
  • Doongle
  • D'LIGHT Saw Group
  • Facebook
  • Grant Thornton
  • KIC
  • NIPA
  • Seoul XR Startups
  • 법무법인 우리
  • none